Thursday, June 26, 2008

Strange Sources

As someone who has studied science for a few years now, I'm always taught to use data etc from reliable sources only. Basically, if it's from Nature, it's probably a good bet. Or anything with a decent sort of impact factor.

Definitely don't try to cite anything from, say, wikipedia. Although most science students will confess to using that marvellous database of knowledge as a starter for most of their assignments. Most importantly, never believe anything you see on TV.

The problem is, I saw something, or rather heard something on TV last night that pretty much perfectly sums up my thoughts on science. And God. And the same rule applies with religion that applies to science - don't believe anything you see on TV.

Still. I couldn't shake the thought that this expression of science and God was about the best I had ever heard. So I thought, screw it, I'll go and find the exact quote. Which proved tricky. Thank the fates for Facebook and the devoted fans who create the 'addicted to...' applications. And for that 'Numb3rs' fan who had posted the following in the 'quotes' section.

"I mean what kind of mindless cretins would blind themselves to the gifts of science? How else would a Creator reveal Himself but through His creation? And to deny the mind of that creation is to deny the mind of GOD."

There you have it, folks. Profundity in a TV cop show, or as my dearest father calls them, a 'shoot 'em up bang bang thing'...Because there's truth in those words of the fictional Dr Larry Fleinhardt. Well, I like to think there is anyway. I never get how some christians just dismiss science. It scares me. I think it scares me because it is irrational. You cannot just dismiss evidence based science because it doesn't fit your theology. At least I think that is an irrational thing to do...

Anyway. Let's see. Exam tomorrow? Check. Procrastinating? Check. Nearly killed computer today? double check.

Great day...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


yes that's right folks, it's that time again: swot vac! so technically I won't be blogging much between now and the 1st of july...God that seems like a long time to be studying. I think I might actually die.

Mind you, I might end up blogging just to break up the tedium.....ugh...