Wednesday, May 12, 2010

dang it

I wrote a big long blog post about feelings and stuff. And then accidentally deleted half of it. My bad.

Why is it when that happens I can never be bothered to write it again?

It was about the things that I have realised in the past few months. To summarise.

I hated my previous job and I don't want to be a scientist.

You can't change the past

The people who love me are awesome

I can be whatever the hell I want to be and I can do amazing things if I put my mind to it. The naysayers can go to hell. I can be awesome and I can't just sit around wishing I was as awesome as other people.

Amazing things may include: Going to Canada for 5 months (actually, there's no 'may' about this, I've booked my flights), studying design and possibly architecture, saying 'screw you' to anyone who thinks I can't or shouldn't.

That writing long blog posts about this kind of thing is cathartic.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Update on Logiesgate

Apparently when I posted yesterday I only had half the story. Another comedian by the name of Catherine Deveny has also gotten herself in hot water with people with no sense of humour

Only she got fired because of it.

GAH what is with you, Australia? Get over yourselves. And seriously, why the hell can't we make fun of Bindi Irwin? The kid asks for it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Humour, Wil Anderson, and Twitter

So I've been out the last couple of nights and hadn't caught up on all the uproar that Wil Anderson has apparently cause post-Logies.

For my foreign readers, let me, like the good debater I was in school, define the topic. 'The Logies' are sort of like Australia's Emmy awards, except only some of the awards actually got to people who are good. There are 'most outstanding' awards which go to people who can actually act, and a lot of them go to shows and actors no one watched/has heard of. Then, there are the 'most popular' awards which go to soap opera stars and occasionally awesome people like Shaun Micallef.

'Wil Anderson' is an Australian comedian. He also does things like host TV shows which intelligent people watch. He's actually a better host than he is comedian, in my opinion. I don't really like his style of stand-up, mostly because he usually sounds like he's taken a ton of speed before getting up there. But he's amusing and I will defend him to the death because he hosted The Glasshouse.

So, apprently, you weren't allowed to tweet at the Logie awards. For the uninitiated, 'to tweet' is a verb which describes the act of posting 140 character messages on the website Twitter. But Wil decided he would, in an act of anti-establishment defiance, or something. And he said somethings about some people that were...well...less than flattering? You can read them here

Lots of people I'm sure have had a lot of things to say. By the sounds of it, both A Current Affair and Today Tonight have laid into him. Colour me surprised [/sarcasm]

Then I read this article

It basically sums up what I think. I know I sat at home on Sunday night and made fun of the celebrities on the red carpet. I even tweeted what I thought of the more horrendous dresses. But I'm not famous so apparently I'm allowed to. But Wil Anderson, who everyone knows is opinionated and maybe a little bit rude isn't.

Australia, grow up. Ooh, mean old Wil said something bad about your favourite soap opera star. The face that you even have a favourite soap opera star makes me think you have bigger problems in the world. The fact that Josh Thomas said hilarious and true things about Justin Bieber's hair makes you hate him. When did we turn into a country with no sense of humour who takes offence at everything? Why are we now a country who went into melt down because Justin Bieber was here for three days?

In short, when, and how the hell, did we turn into America? And why didn't I get the memo?

Americans, please don't take offence. As individuals, you're great. As a country you can be a little infuriating. And it's not really that I don't like you. I just don't think we should BE you, because we are, in fact, Australian. Or so I thought.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Brother

My brother just posted something awesome on his blog. You should read it.

He very accurately sums up the thoughts of a large number of single people. And gives an insight into what it is actually like to have a conversation with him. You can see why sometimes we have incredible screaming matches when we live in the same house.

Love you, Gaz.