Wednesday, May 12, 2010

dang it

I wrote a big long blog post about feelings and stuff. And then accidentally deleted half of it. My bad.

Why is it when that happens I can never be bothered to write it again?

It was about the things that I have realised in the past few months. To summarise.

I hated my previous job and I don't want to be a scientist.

You can't change the past

The people who love me are awesome

I can be whatever the hell I want to be and I can do amazing things if I put my mind to it. The naysayers can go to hell. I can be awesome and I can't just sit around wishing I was as awesome as other people.

Amazing things may include: Going to Canada for 5 months (actually, there's no 'may' about this, I've booked my flights), studying design and possibly architecture, saying 'screw you' to anyone who thinks I can't or shouldn't.

That writing long blog posts about this kind of thing is cathartic.

1 comment:

StanManX said...

hell yes! you should join my team of people who refuse to be anything less than awesome and get in on this world domination stuff.