Monday, June 29, 2009

Maybe I don't want to live in TV land, after all. Seems like a pretty crappy place, when you start to think about it...

Here's the thing. I watch a lot of television. Probably too much television. Also, a lot of crap television. It's probably almost a compulsion of mine. But, having watched a lot of television, I've discovered an interesting and perhaps disturbing trend when it comes to relationships between men and women on various TV shows.

There is a staple relationship often depicted on TV, and that is the one of pining. Longing. Etc. But here's the thing. When a man on TV pines over a woman (usually in silence, because that is, after all, the manly thing to do...) it's portayed as sweet, loyal, romantic etc etc. A man pining over a woman, however, must not even look at another woman, because then he's a bastard.

Flip genders, and it's a different story. A woman pining over a man who will never love her? She's pathetic. The only time it is acceptable for a woman to pine over a man is if he is the hottest one on her TV programme. She must accept that the longed for relationship is never going to happen, and find a hotter guy to fall in love with. Because of course, when she finds a hotter guy to go out with, other said guy will then of course work out he was in love with her after all. Then we'll end up with the scenario of my previous paragraph.

The thing is, we accept this. We accept that constancy in a man is a good thing, but bad for a woman. Is it any wonder we can't have true equality of the sexes when we're all prepared to put with this drivel?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another random thought...

My dance classes are held at the Entertainment Centre. Which is fine, until there is a show on a Thursday night there, in which case the parking is mad. Also if it is a kid's show, like it was last night, there are many many small children around, doing their best to get hit by cars. Ugh

It all got me to thinking...the show was Disney Princesses on Ice. I think it would a much more interesting show if the 'ice' they referred to was actually crystal meth. Now THAT I'd pay to see.

In case you hadn't worked it out, I'm in a bit of a funny mood today...

A tragic day for music.

That's right, people. My iPod is being a pain. I have to completely restore it and resync ALL my music!

Wait, what did you think I meant?

Friday, June 19, 2009

New name, new look

You may have noticed that this blog looks very different now. That is, of course, assuming you've read it before. Which may be a big assumption. I think it is a fairly big assumption that anyone reads this blog much at all, actually.

Also, the title has changed. Because I figured I wasn't really posting anything that had anything to do with the former title. So I changed it to better reflect the content. Which is: two random words thrown together. See? Much more like what I post here.

Actually, it comes from the URL of this blog, because I had to find something unique. And stuck to the shelves above my desk is a butterfly whose wings are made of...wait for feathers! It was the first thing that came into my head and was unique enough to work as the URL for this blog. But I think 'red feathers' has a nice sort of ring to it. And I have decided after years of um-ing and ah-ing that red is in fact my favourite colour. So it sort of fits with that too.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

For anyone who cares...

I realised I never mentioned my end result for honours. Somehow, through the mystical wonders of the universe, I managed to scam 1st class. I think what they do is they have a bag of balls and, somewhat like a lottery, they pull your mark out of it. The bag has mostly balls marked '2A' and a couple marked '1st' and it's just luck of the draw...OK, so I'm sure my department aren't as unprofessional as that and I guess I deserved it. But anyone who reads this blog knows I spent a good deal of my time during honours reading and posting random articles I guess somewhere in there I managed to do some quality work and impress the powers that be.

So now I'm...waiting. I do have a job to start but that won't be til July so I have to work out some way to occupy myself in the mean time. Any ideas, feel free to comment...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Things that are awesome

Here's a list of things that I think are awesome. Well, OK, things that I think are awesome today.

Roast Potatoes
The fact that Richard Hammond hosts a British children's science show.
The fact that the book from said British children't science show has been purchased for my cousin's birthday. Let the corruption begin!!

Next year, when she's ten, I'm seriously considering introducing her to the joys of Doctor Who. Not quite sure how that will go down with her mother...and it would probably be a bad idea to show her 'Blink'...but otherwise, I think it's my duty as cousin to bring her up in the ways of the Whovian.