Friday, June 19, 2009

New name, new look

You may have noticed that this blog looks very different now. That is, of course, assuming you've read it before. Which may be a big assumption. I think it is a fairly big assumption that anyone reads this blog much at all, actually.

Also, the title has changed. Because I figured I wasn't really posting anything that had anything to do with the former title. So I changed it to better reflect the content. Which is: two random words thrown together. See? Much more like what I post here.

Actually, it comes from the URL of this blog, because I had to find something unique. And stuck to the shelves above my desk is a butterfly whose wings are made of...wait for feathers! It was the first thing that came into my head and was unique enough to work as the URL for this blog. But I think 'red feathers' has a nice sort of ring to it. And I have decided after years of um-ing and ah-ing that red is in fact my favourite colour. So it sort of fits with that too.

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