Tuesday, March 31, 2009


You know what I really hate?

I hate feeling powerless. I really hate it. I hate seeing people in situations I would love to change and having zero ability to do it. I especially hate when those people could do something about that situation themselves...but for some reason don't or feel they can't. But I still can't change the situation and it makes me so frustrated.

I guess it's related to another pet hate of mine - people who gripe on about a situation when they have the power to change it. And I think it's because so many things could be changed by just a small action, but too often we're too scared or too worried about what people will think of us if we do.

That said, I don't always practice what I preach. I let people walk all over me on occasions when I could easily stand up and say no. Sadly, I like people to like me, and don't like it when people don't like me. It makes me uncomfortable.

So. yes. Thesis writing. Procrastination, much?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

And now, back to your regular scheduled programming

Seems I went a bit deep the last few days.

Not going to last, I'm afraid


Bah hah hah
If you can't read it, follow the link.

Just a thought though. Hackers clearly must be very intelligent to be able to hack like this. So it strikes me that maybe, they could channel that intelligence into something more fruitfull, like, oh, I don't know, LEARNING TO SPELL?

Unless a grain of wheat falls

I've been feeling so many different things this week...frustrationg, sadness, joy...I often find it hard to put these things into words, which is why my blog largely consists of cute pictures and bizzare news stories.

Thankfully, there are people out there who are so much more eloquent than I am. One of those is Ann Siddall at the Stillpoint Spirituality Centre. We used this prayer in church this morning, and it helped me to sum up and let go of much of what has been on my mind.

Unless a grain of wheat falls

Redeeming God,
on these autumn days it is easy to see
how what was once so alive and fruitful
now falls to the ground and dies.
The seasons of the earth mirror
a reality we tend to resist.
May be wise in finding our way
through life’s many endings.

In the ending of death,
grant us the freedom to grieve,
and to honour what has been.

In the endings of broken relationships,
save us from bitterness, and
move us towards wholeness.

In the endings that are forced upon us,
may we have the strength to survive,
and the discernment to find the next step.

In the endings we have chosen,
but that others may not understand,
help us to act with love and compassion.

In the endings that are invited of us,
may we have the courage to let go,
and to relinquish graciously.

And in our remembering of Jesus’ words
about a grain of wheat falling to the earth,
may we always be attentive
to the hope of new life.
--Ann Siddall, Stillpoint Spirituality Centre

We also sang a song, one of my personal favourites, which was written by a friend of mine at an ending...and it always inspires me, but especially so this week. I've been thinking more on the death of Amanda (see previous post), and how if someone with her courage couldn't beat this evil we call cancer, what will happen to me if I should be so unfortunate to have something of that magnitude happen to me. And if I died, would there be posts on a dozen different blogs on the tragedy of my passing? Would people be so bereft at my death, even people who don't know me? I doubt it. But I can do what I can to attempt to brighten the lives of those around me. I think I need to be more conscious of these things.

Any way, this is the song.

Like a candle burning wildly
Raging soft agains the night
Spark that leaps to clear the shadows
Sending warm disturbing light
We are called to live the passion
Hope stands strong agains all pain
For it's only in the burning
That the candle shows its flame

Like a river running freely
Rapids swirl beside our feet
Swiftly flowing from the highlands
Comes to rest, still waters meet
All our journeys rising, falling
Taking turns we least expect
When the Spirit turns withing us
Know God's power through the test

Like and angel walking lightly
On this fragile earth of clay
Touching folk with raw compassion
Laughing, playing on the way
Freely living every moment
In the mystery of grace
Giving, dying, living, rising
See the beauty of God's grace

See the hope that burns in darkness
Show compassion strong and kind
Bind the hurt and broken hearted
Be God's hands and voice and eyes
Sing a new song every sunrise
Climb to places out of reach
Walk in freedom of God's spirit
As we die so we shall live

We are called to live the passion
Hope stands strong agains all pain
For it's only in the burning
That the candle shows its flame
--Craig Mitchell

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sadness in the internet age

For about the last year, I've been following the blog of a person I only really know as AlabamaPink. A commenter at another website I visit, I started following her blog when she was diagnosed with leukaemia.

About half an hour ago, I discovered she lost her fight. And I find I don't know what to feel. I never actually met this person, and unlike other people I have met online, I've never had a conversation with her, or exchanged emails. We weren't friends on Facebook. She quite probably didn't even know I existed, although I commented a few times on her blog.

Yet I feel utterly devastated.

Maybe it's because I know she leaves behind a three year old boy. Maybe it's just because she was so determined in her fight that I never thought she would succumb to the disease. Maybe it's the harsh reminder that for every glamourous celebrity we see on the news, with a fabulous wig and perfect teeth saying 'ooh look at me, I survived cancer, aren't I great?' there are people who suffer and die and we forget that.

Rest in Peace, AlabamaPink.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Nothing to report, I just figured this monkey was so cute I had to share it...
source : http://news.ninemsn.com.au/glance/792870/tiny-elke-abandoned-by-mum

Monday, March 16, 2009

Please excuse me whilst I write my thesis

Dearest readers (all 3 or so of you)

My honours thesis is due in 5 weeks. Subsequently, all my writing ability is theoretically going into that until it is written.

Thus, there will be no real blogs for at least that time. Yeah, like there's been any for the last, oh I dunno, month or so anyway. This does not mean that random news stories won't keep appearing. Mostly because I find the real world so freaking hilarious.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Monkey Business

Monkey kills master with coconut

An overworked monkey has taken revenge on his owner, killing him with a coconut.

Thai man Leilit Janchoom, 48, forced the animal to retrieve the fruit which were then sold for about 10c each.

The monkey, named Brother Kwan, reportedly hated being forced to climb as high as 50m but was given beatings if he did not do as his master wished.

It is believed that the frustrated primate eventually snapped, launching a coconut at Janchoom from a high branch at the Thai province of Nakorn Sri Thammarat.

He died at the scene from a head injury.

Janchoom’s widow said that Brother Kwan "seemed lovable" when they bought him for about $275, UK newspaper The Telegraph reports.

It is not clear what happened to the animal after the attack.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Best. News story. EVAH

I know I've blogged a lot of crazy news stories. But this is by far the awesomest...

Dr Who Dalek found in pond

A Dalek from Dr Who was found submerged in a pond by volunteers enlisted to clear it of rubbish.

The group had already fished out an old table football game and a skateboard when they bumped into the Dalek head, which was covered in weeds.

Sales executive Marc Oakland was pushing a rake around the bed of the shallow pool when he found the object with its distinctive eye stalk.

The 42-year-old said: "I'd just shifted a tree branch with my foot when I noticed something dark and round slowly coming up to the surface.

"I got the shock of my life when a Dalek head bobbed up right in front of me.

"It must have been down there for some time because it was covered in mould and water weed, and had quite a bit of damage.

"One of the dome lights was smashed, but the eye-stalk was intact and the head and neck stayed in one piece as I carefully lifted it out."

Pond warden Tony Brown, 70, was leading the volunteer squad clearing dumped rubbish from the pond, near Beaulieu, Hants.

He said: "We made a very thorough search of the rest of the bottom of the pond and there were definitely no alien remnants lurking.

"We've all agreed it best to keep the pond's exact location under wraps.

"The last thing we want are sci-fi fans descending on the pond frantically seraching for other Dalek parts."

Mr Brown, who trained as a pond warden with Southern Water, has been helping clear out the area for the past eight years.

He said: "We've dredged up everything from shopping trolleys, toys, and bicycles.

"But this is the first time a Dalek's appeared. We have no idea how it ended up in there, or how long ago.

"We discovered the BBC often took the Daleks out on location for filming, and they travelled to Hampshire on at least one occasion in the 1980s, when Colin Baker played the Timelord.

"Who knows, this might be the remains of one of the originals from the old TV series. I'm told they they were built to last."

link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/doctor-who/4935903/Dr-Who-Dalek-found-in-pond.html

edit: wow...I just now realised that every single sentence of that fits on a single line...bloody tabloids...