Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I don't even have words for this...

Gay penguins celebrate fatherhood, wedding

Two gay penguins have been given a wedding ceremony as a reward for their exceptional parenting skills.

The inseparable couple at China's Polarland Zoo were originally shunned for stealing chick eggs from fellow "heterosexual" penguins but have proved their nurturing skills with abandoned eggs, The Sun has reported.

"We decided to give them two eggs from another couple whose hatching ability had been poor and they’ve turned out to be the best parents in the whole zoo," a keeper from the Harbin zoo was quoted as saying.

"They have been a good couple and deserved their reward."

Their reward was a lavish wedding ceremony — complete with a soundtrack of the 'Wedding March' and a banquet of spring fish.

One was dressed in a tie while the other sported a red jacket.

The happy couple is not the first to defy penguins' tradition of lifelong "straight" partnerships.

A pair of chinstrap penguins at New York's Central Park Zoo made headlines in 2004 for their "ecstatic behavior" including entwining their necks, singing to each other and having sex.

Silo and Roy were devoted to each other for six years, even trying to incubate a rock by sitting on it.

When zookeepers gave them a real egg to look after they successfully raised a female chick, Tango.


Friday, January 23, 2009

25 things...

So, I got tagged in a facebook note...which said I should post 25 random things about myself, then tag 25 other people so they could learn 25 random facts about me. And I thought...'if I tag 25 random people, then 25 random people will be kinda pissed off at me. But if I post 25 random things on my blog, then only the 4 people who actually bother to read it will ever be bothered by it'.

So here goes.

1. I'm not sure I ever want to be anything other than a student...except I hate the part where I have no money and I don't actually want to be an academic...

2. I have terrible taste in movies and TV.

3. I like scarves. Scarves are great.

4. I secretly fantasise about being a presenter on Playschool, because I think it would be the best job ever to pretend to be a kid all the time.

5. Sometimes I get kinda bummed because I don't have a real nickname. They just never stick.

6. I know just about all the words to the 'Hairspray' soundtrack (see no. 2)

7. My favourite book is Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen...because it is so much cooler than all the others once you realise she is basically taking the piss out of the literature of the time. Plus it has the coolest male romantic lead ever.

8. I get really frustrated with all the ideas in my head that I can't put into practice

9. I was surprised to learn today that there are other girls my age who thinks that, actually, a lot of babies are kind of ugly. This was a refreshing thing to learn.

10. I think I'm too normal. That bugs me sometimes.

11. The most played song in my iTunes library is 'My Angel Put the Devil in Me'. That is sad on so many levels...and if you don't know why...well, that is also sad on many levels...

12. I really miss having Starbucks in Adelaide, if only for the frappucinos...

13. I regularly read through the Harry Potter novels, but I skip number 2 and number 5 because they are sooooooooooo boring.

14. I am really finicky about the pens I use. Seriously, it can take me half an hour to pick when pen I want to buy. And even after that it is likely I won't be happy with my choice. Which for someone who doesn't really write that much, seems silly really.

15. I regularly fall in love with fictional characters. But it's OK, I haven't read Twilight and never, ever intend to so you don't have to hate me.

16. When I get depressed, I like to look at the puppies in the window of the pet shop, even though I know that pet shops are evil establishments. When that fails, I look at teddy bears.

17. I regularly adopt close friends as siblings...

18. Despite being an intensely emotional person, I'm not very good at grieving. But that's OK, because I don't think many people are.

19. I have this weird double life, where I'm really lazy at home but not at work. At work or study I hate to be idle. When I come home I hate to have to do anything...

20. I wouldn't mind learning to play the bass guitar. But I would not like to be a bass guitarist. My brother has taught me there is a big difference.

21. I will randomly quote Doctor Who in everday life. You might not notice me doing this. If you don't notice, I secretly judge you...not so secretly now, I guess.

22. I get very frustrated about many things. Mostly, I get frustrated when I can't change the things that frustrate me. Oh yes. I'm that complicated.

23. I love tea. Plain old lipton black tea from a tea bag.

24. I do not, nor will I ever, understand the point of golf.

25. I can't believe I actually thought of 25 things to write. Usually, I'm really bad at writing about myself, hence why my blog is updated so infrequently.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


You know what would have been nice?

If someone told me that the company I ordered my mother's christmas present had gone into know, BEFORE now. So I could have reordered it from somewhere else, oh, I don't know, A FEW FREAKING WEEKS AGO!

Curse you, global economic crisis.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

You know what surprises me? How I lived my whole life before last year without a proper pet. I mean, I had birds that invariably died after a year or so, in varying states of gore. I had a couple of pet rocks. But due to enormous dogs next door, or the restrictions of college or renting, I never had a furry little fuzz ball of the canine or feline variety.

How did I cope? I'm not sure. Because for the last 3 weeks I haven't had my cat around because of holidays and damn, I miss that furrball. I've never really been a cat person but since the house I'm living in isn't really big enough for a dog, I decided to get a cat to provide some company when I'm home alone.

And I fell in love. I really really really love my cat.

and honestly, who wouldn't? You'd have to be the meanest cold hearted animal hater in the universe not to love that face...