Thursday, January 8, 2009

You know what surprises me? How I lived my whole life before last year without a proper pet. I mean, I had birds that invariably died after a year or so, in varying states of gore. I had a couple of pet rocks. But due to enormous dogs next door, or the restrictions of college or renting, I never had a furry little fuzz ball of the canine or feline variety.

How did I cope? I'm not sure. Because for the last 3 weeks I haven't had my cat around because of holidays and damn, I miss that furrball. I've never really been a cat person but since the house I'm living in isn't really big enough for a dog, I decided to get a cat to provide some company when I'm home alone.

And I fell in love. I really really really love my cat.

and honestly, who wouldn't? You'd have to be the meanest cold hearted animal hater in the universe not to love that face...


Sarah Ski said...

Oh, that kitty is just TOO cute.

Deb said...

she IS gorgeous!!