Tuesday, July 8, 2008

cabin fever

Ya know what? I haven't been outside for about 2 days...since Sunday afternoon, actually, when I went to Spotlight. This is for 2 reasons, I suppose. Or maybe it's just one. I'm not sure. Basically it's so freaking cold and wet, why would anyone go outside who didn't need to?? I figure, that's 2 reasons, right? Too cold, plus I have no reason to.

Well. No pressing reason, anyway. There are several things I could be doing, like going to visit J out at Hampstead where she is recovering from being hit by a tram. Or visiting my very sick grandfather. Or buying stuff for my latest craft venture. But none of those things are pressing enough to get me to go out in the rain and the occasional hail.

I kinda wish I did have something to do, though. I'm getting awful bored. Plus the cabin fever.

Oh well. Next week I'm off to Darwin to escape the cold that is Adelaide. Yay!!

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