Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tales from the Tram

I love public transport. I'm not saying it's the most convenient way to get around Adelaide, or that it wouldn't be handy if I could drive, but honestly, nothing beats the people you see and the conversations you hear when travelling on public transport.

Take today, for example. You know it's going to be a great trip when a woman, who looks and sounds like someone from 'Ladette to Lady' sits down next to you and says 'Goodbye fake Chanel, hello fake LeSportsSac'. Add to this her daughter, who must've been all of 6 or 7, and their stereotypically gay companion, and you know some interesting conversations are going to ensue.

Like the one about the little girls obvious recent purchase: a couple of packets of nail stickers from somewhere like cheap as chips. Said little girl asked said stereotypical gay man which set he liked better, the pink or the yellow. Now, I'm not 100% he wasn't taking the piss, as you can with small children as their perception of sarcasm isn't all that great, but he proceeded to give his reasons for why he liked the yellow ones better. It had to do with the design of the pink ones, because, honestly, why would you put a little picture of a rose on the sticker then put a stinking great diamante over the top so you can't see it?

I suppose he had a point.

Still. Any grown adult talking to a 6 year old rationally about the design merits (or otherwise) of their ugly nail stickers sounds hilarious. Yet I suppose I sound just as hilarious when talking to my small cousins about their possessions...ah the price we pay for the approval of small children...

I'm hoping I can regularly blog about the interesting things I see and hear on the tram. However, this relies on a few different factors. 1) that interesting things keep happening on the tram...which is almost guaranteed but you never know, 2) that I remember them and 3) I actually get around to blogging about them.

Because lets face it, my life is fairly boring, and I'd rather talk about other people. Which some people may not believe, because a blog is a fairly self indulgent place where people often crap on about themselves. But there you have it.

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