Wednesday, October 1, 2008

stupid pasty marwong...

Once I got quite offended when my brother called me a 'pasty marwong'. I believe the term hails from his college days and refers to a person who ridiculously fair...although it may or not have originally been a type of fish.

Any who. I realise that I am a useless pasty marwong. And I realise this before because today I had to go through the ordeal of buying makeup. This is something I don't like doing. Because apparently, as well as being a pasty marwong, I sort of also suck at being a girl. But I digress (again). I wanted a particular kind that I had used before, but a few shades lighter as when I used it last time it was for stage, and because I am a pasty marwong my face is barely visible from the glow. Ew.

But here's the kicker. Even the lightest shade is almost too dark for me. What the? I can wear it, but only if I don't put it on too thickly. Crap.

Oh, and the other reason I apparently suck at being a girl is I hate shoe shopping. I really do. Why can't there just be normal shoes in shoe shops, instead of freaking enormous metallic sex-and-the-city gladiator monstrosities that look good on NO ONE? Bah.

Plus, I went to the optometrist to get contact lenses, because despite how awesome glasses are, sometimes they are a little inconvenient and I would like to still be able to see when I'm not wearing them. But apparently I'm one of about 5% of people who has eyes so freaky, they don't stock the lenses I need. Which means I have to go back again. Because, as previously stated, eveything in my life is designed to niggle me. Which, you know, is fine. Things could be so much worse. But it seems I get the niggles that everyone else is meant to get as well as my own...

Hold on. I just used 'niggle' as well as 'marwong'. Clearly, I have been talking to much to my brother...

p.s it would appear that a marwong is a deep sea bream. Why this refers to pasty white people, I have no idea.

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