Sunday, May 17, 2009

things and stuff

I'm coming to the realisation that I'm really quite bad at this whole blogging thing. Still, I suppose the last month or so I have had an excuse. Before that? Not so much.

So, the evil thesis is done with at last. Sadly, not the evil honours programme. That has to wait another week or so. I have something ridiculous like 80 slides in my 30 minute seminar. Yeah. That's going to go down real well...

Last week was a bit of a trial for me, I have to say. A friend from my days in Darwin passed away quite suddenly. She was 21, and not living far from us here. Which would have been bad enough on its own. We then had her whole family come and stay with us, which meant the house was full of our grieving friends. Sharing a house with all that grief isn't the most fun experience, but we do what we can for our friends when they need us, right? Cause what else can you do...

It would also appear that I have a job lined up for when this is all done with. Not quite sure when it will start, but I'm happy because in these stupid economic times we live in, to find a job without even having to look for it is really quite unbelievable. It would appear that God does just have the most awesome timing. At least in this instance. Some other times really, I totally doubt His all knowing 'my timing is perfect' thing. But because of my recent fortune, I guess I'll let it slide.

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