Monday, September 21, 2009

going walkies

Yesterday I walked the 6 km city-to-bay fun run/walk in just over an hour. I am close to being the world's slowest walker on a normal day, so that time impressed me. My shin splints and hamstring cramps impress my slightly less, but they weren't really caused by the walk, they are a recurring issue.

Also the reading isn't going so well. It wasn't helped by picking two books that bored me to death. Neither had any charcters that I liked very much, and thus I didn't care what happened to them and so didn't really bother reading much. But, thanks to my super friend Ingrid I have copies of the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy, so hopefully that makes for more compelling reading. Also, in about 10 days I am having a mini holiday so hopefully I can get a bit of reading done in that time too. Still, I've managed 8 books in the last 11 weeks which is much better than I've averaged in the last few years.

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