Monday, September 28, 2009

Things about me

So. You've stumbled upon this blog. But just who is the mysterious 'rach' who posts these inane ramblings?

Well, to start with, this is a picture of my desk

So. Yes. I'm not the world's neatest person. But if I tidy it up I can't find anything, so it stays messy.

Speaking of my desk, this little fellow currently sits on it.

'Hello. My name is Julian. I am a stuffed dog'

Julian is a dog from Barcelona (the city, sadly, not the planet...) and he has no nose. Imagine how many times a day you end up telling that joke and it's still funny...

Next to my desk is this

Because I am a dancer. And a little bit artsy. And I like Ikea. So really, that simple black statue says quite a bit about me. Let alone the fact that I have another similar one on the other side...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd that's enough about me. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of 'Rachel gets bored and takes stupid artsy photos with her iPhone and puts them on her blog in a fit of vanity!!!' Or not. Who knows if I'll ever again get bored and take stupid artsy photos with my iPhone and post them on my blog in a fit of vanity. Only time will tell.

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