Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The first of many, hopefully...

So, last wednesday, the 1st of July, I decided that for the next year I will attempt to read a book a week, seeing as I have lost my love of reading and that bugs me. Unfortunately, my plans to start were somewhat hampered by a nasty cold which prevented a visit to the library. Thus, I started on the only book I could find which I knew I would finish but that I hadn't read. It was one of the Kathy Reichs books, as predictable and formulaic as they come. Thus, I can summarise a whole review in one word.


I have now started on my next book, 'The Graveyard Story' by Neil Gaiman. I believe it's actually considered a children's book, but it was included by a Pajiban in their attempt to complete the Cannonball Read (100 books in a year, not something I'm prepared to try just yet) and I figured I'd give it a go.

I figured I'd at least start my reading with a few books I haven't read yet. Later on, if I get really busy and can't get to the Library or just don't have a lot of time to read, I may hit up the Harry Potter books again just to keep my numbers up. I don't consider this cheating, because re-reading them is better than not reading anything.

I'm prepared to take suggestions, but only to a degree. Anyone suggesting I read the 'Twilight' books with be taunted with words such as 'twatwaffle' and 'douchenozzle' and trust me, you don't want to be associated with people I label as such. Also, nothing in Old or Middle English. Late 19th century English is about as foreign as I can take.

I'm really hoping I can stick with this. I'm hoping the fact that I start work on Monday a) doesn't get in the way and b) helps establish a routine that might actually help my stick with this.

I'll also try to post some reviews, etc, but I'm not very good at writing such things so don't expect too much.

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