Sunday, November 29, 2009

One thing to say

Oh yes.

Actually, I have more than one thing to say, because there is no way I would have done that without loads of people encouraging me, supporting me, and maybe even bullying me :p

In particular, the amazing, wonderful, fabulously awesome Sarah, who inspired me to do this with the story of her friend. I had thought I was too busy but managed to prove to myself that actually, I'm not. Busyness is a rubbish excuse for not doing what you want to do. If something matters, you can make the time. I think that participating in NaNo has proved that to me, and I'm going to try to remember that if I can find time to work full time and still write 1,667 words a day, I can find time to do a whole lot of other things that I complain I don't have time to do.

Also thanks to fellow NaNo-ers Christine and Anna Grace, buzz cheer squad members Sheri (captain), Brandon, JJ, Doug, and Carolyn, and random other encouragers, in particular Luke, because he never encourages anyone so to find him encouraging me was quite a suprise, and Amelia, because she was the first of my local friends who actually knew was NaNo was. There are all sorts of other people who made comments on my facebook statuses encouraging me, or even just clicked 'like'. Seriously, that meant a lot and I hope you read this and know that I really do appreciate you!



Amelia said...

Aww *warm fuzzies*

So when can we find out what your story is about?

Garry with 2 Rs said...

Wicked. Do we get to read the results?

StanManX said...

YAY!!!!! Awesome job! :D

I'm just under 4k away from winning, and there is a writein today, so I'll be joining you in the winners circle pretty soon.