Sunday, February 8, 2009

no idea...

I feel like I'm living in a state of complete shock.

I mean, this is Australia. A few measly bushfires should not cut this deep.

Except usually, fires might kill, what, 10 people at most? A death toll of 65 and rising and I just can't even fathom what I'm supposed to think. What I'm supposed to feel. How I'm supposed to react. I can't believe the horror of what I'm seeing on the news.

And frankly, this week I refuse to watch even one current affairs show. If I have to listen to some stupid reporter ask someone who's house has burned to the ground while they watched 'So, how are you feeling right now' I might go over the edge. Smashing things would definitely be in order. Screaming obscenities at the TV is a given. I don't see how anyone without half an ounce of compassion and human decency could ask that of a person who has lost everything.

But then, less than an ounce of human decency is probably in the job specs for a reporter on 'A Current Affair'. Anymore and you wouldn't bother applying in the first place.

Oh, and if you're living under a rock (or maybe in Spain? America?), this is what I am talking about.

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