Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I need a rant. There are several things I would like to rant about, but they may not be fit for the public domain. So I'm going to blog about something very Australian.

The Cricket.

No, not about the fact that we keep getting beaten. That is unfortunately inevitable if you play like a bunch of girls.

I'm going to rant about the double standards that have been evident this week.

It's fairly evident to me that Andrew Symonds has basically made a bit of a hash of it. He's a typical Aussie bloke who drinks a little more than he should, goes fishing and occasionally says something a bit off about the opposition. If this was the 70s, he'd be a national hero. To many, he probably is. The thing is, he said something he probably shouldn't have. I get that.

I also am familiar with the work of Roy and HG and know that if you go on their shows, whether radio or TV, you're going to say something stupid you regret later. It's that kind of show. Roy and HG have this way of goading you into saying stuff that maybe is better left unsaid.

And you end up left out of the squad for an international tour. Thems the breaks. You shouldn't, even in jest, bag out the opposing wicket keeper.

Nor should you accuse them of cheating. Yes, that's right, Daniel Vittori, I'm looking at you. How come Symonds can't make a joke, but you can in all seriousness call our wicket keeper's integrity into question, and get away with an apology via text message?

Because Roy doesn't exactly have a squeaky clean record, because he does things the traditional way. Which I'm not saying is right.

I'm just saying it's a double standard.

To me, this puts ol' Vittori right up there with the English and South African captains as the lords of Prawnville. This is something I have adapted from my brother, but by all accounts, he's right.

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