Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spiritual Atheism

Go read.

This is not to say I am suddenly an atheist, so don't go panicking about the state of my immortal soul.

I think there is a lot of truth in there about God. Which is odd, as it comes from an atheist.

A warning to those of you sensitive to strong's in there. Don't say I didn't warn you.

also, in the comments section, you'll find the following joke. Which is awesome and I think sums things up very well.

'A man walks up to a famous athiest and announces, "I'm an athiest, too."
The famous athiest says, "Have you read the Bible?"
The man says, "No."
"Have you read the Koran?"
"Have your studied Hinduism or Buddism?"
The athiest says, "You are not an athiest. You are an ignoramus."'

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Garry with 2 Rs said...

Oh what a load of crap.

I mean, good on Stripe42 (while I’m at it, it doesn’t matter how strong your opinion is. If you’re not man/woman enough to put your name to it then it doesn’t count) for figuring out that good TV has to be about more than just vampires or time machines. But who is he trying to kid? Sure there are some great spiritual themes in good TV, but let’s not kid ourselves that it’s more significant than it is.

His central thrust was that it’s okay to reject God. We can get by just fine without a god because we’re so clever these days and we have all the spirituality we need in… Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Humanity will be fine, all we need to do is struggle against our inner darkness and triumph three and a half minutes before the closing credits. Extra kudos if you read a succinct yet thought provoking monograph while the screen goes dark. Mohinder Suresh has got this one down pat.

If ol’ Stripey doesn’t understand the New Testament (if he did there’s no way he would call it boring) and doesn’t think Christianity works for him, then that’s his call, no problem. But trying to fill the gap left behind with Doctor Who doesn’t make him look post-modern, philosophically savvy or culturally relevant. It makes him look silly.

End of rant.

Garry with 2 Rs